Client Solutions

Our group has the expertise to make your projects come to life!  We have the ability to resell products and services from most name brands products you need.  

Voice, Data and Wireless services

    Through our partnership with most of the leading providers of voice, data and wireless services we can help your company save money on their monthly bills or get new service.  Please email us to get more information.

Technology Purchasing

    We are proud to be a reseller of thousands of computer and related products.  Our expertise will help you find the right products to make you more productive and to fit into your budget.  Please contact us with any quotes you might need, or questions you have.

Phone Systems

     Using the Asterisk PBX software and the Linux operating system we can take your office and bring it into the 21st century.  Here are just some of the features it provides:

Server Setup

    Many small companies are still emailing files to and from each other.  This presents a problem when you are trying to determine if you have the latest version of a file, or even who has it.  We can help you get setup with a central file server that will also backup your important files, not just nightly, but immediatly. Contact us for more information.

Network Design and Implementation

    When you outgrow dialup the choices can be confusing.  We have years of experience helping people find the best solution at a price that they like.  We can help you get your office running on a DSL line or a new T1.  Contact us for more information.

Desktop Repair

    Sometimes computers break, but it can be daunting to open up the inside or travel deep into your operating system.  We can tell you if you need replace the computer or if it's just that $30 power supply.  We can even install it for you.

Technology Purchase Consultation

    If you are about to purchase new technology for your company we can make sure it does what you think it will.  We can help you find a cell phone that works overseas or a new laptop that won't let you down.  We  also might be able to help you cut your costs when contracts are up for renewal.  Companies typically don't even know they are overpaying.  We managed to save one company over $45,000 a year.

Please note: Our solutions are not bleeding edge, we do not risk your business trying solutions that are not been proven in daily business.  We do work with many bleeding edge technologies and are willing to provide them to you.